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Hey girl hey~


I am SO stoked you are here while I begin this journey through fashion and beyond. I am obsessed with being female & I want to be the best damn version of myself!  Whether that means building the perfect wardrobe, creating a home I love, journeying to a new destination, or discovering the latest beauty product I just have to share, I want to inspire you to live a fun & fashionable life.  I’m all about girl power—being fearless, learning from each other & creating a safe place to chat without judgement. Let’s explore ourselves, our tribes & other trendsetting babes, while we build each other up. And if we can drink champagne in our bathing suits along the way- then we are winning!


Why me?  After 23 years in both the retail fashion & home design industry I left the corporate world to pursue my dream of opening a boutique. I know… scary, right? When I’m not immersed in a la mode, I enjoy decorating (& re-decorating!) my home, eating ALL the food in Wilmington, power shopping,  & one of my faves, globe-trotting. Because of those things AND an underused degree in English Education from Penn State University—I decided to jot down my musings & create a cyber-destination for all things fashion, home design, travel, beauty & lifestyle.


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I believe…


The world is your runway.


You can never have too many pairs of jeans.


Leopard is a neutral.


Happiness looks gorgeous on you.


Good shoes take you places.


You can’t be sad when you are holding a cupcake.








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